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      Are you looking for a clean but compelling romance full of lots of adventure and magic? Then REMNANTS OF MAGIC may be the perfect fit for you! It's great for young adults and up, and I always say that it's a fantasy that non-fantasy readers can "stomach." Yes, it has magic and strange beasts, but the characters are real and relatable; ones you fall in love with. It's versatile enough to be categorized as an Epic Fantasy, Adventure, and a Slow-Burn Romance. So, give it a go! Read outside your box or drink up more of all the good stuff you love! Let me know what you think; reviews are always welcome! And thank you!!

"The romance slow-burn is...TOP TIER."
   -Bookasaurusbex (Instagram Book Reviewer)


"Imaginative, fast-paced and full of action."

    -books_otplus_me (Instagram Book Reviewer)

"A masterpiece of magical fiction"

    -International Amazon Reviewer


"What can I say about the world building? It is simply brilliant..."


      (Instagram Book Reviewer)

"Every character you meet, you feel for. Their every emotion is made to bring out your emotions. The details of the landscapes, the people, and other creatures was impeccable! I don't think I ever laughed, cried, and smiled so much while reading a book. And that was just the beginning!! ...It truly sucks you into another world. ...The heroine, Alexandra, is astonishing. She is young, but strong. Loving, caring and not perfect...My heart welled with hope for her and her company! And throughout their trials, you are kept on the edge of your seat."

                                                                              -Amazon Reviewer, Erisada


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